Terms & Conditions


When purchasing from Squadron Watches LTD you agree to the follow terms of guarantee: 

Service & Repairs
Your Squadron watch is guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 1 YEARS from the date of purchase. During this period, we will exhange or repair, at our discretion, any defective components.

Not Covered
Batteries, straps, lens and jewellery are not covered.

Water penetration is not covered except for watches marked ‘waterproof’. Water penetration in watches marked “water resistant” are not covered. It is at the owners risk to expose water resistant watches to fluid.

If we believe that any non-accidental or accidental damage has occurred, the guarantee will be void and the watch will be returned without repair or exchange.

How to send for repair under guarantee?

Please send an email to returns@squadronwatches.co.uk and we will process your repair. You will be responsible for all postage fees and additional charges incurred. We are not responsible for any damages in transit therefore we recommend using recorded delivery with delivery insurance. All returns should be sent in the original packaging received on delivery. We will not accept watches sent in just the display box.

How to get a watch repaired outside of the guarantee?

For all repairs outside of the guarantee we reccommend you take your watch to a reputable jewellery repair store.